The Club officers serve for two years and are elected biannually at the Club annual meeting.  Terms in office begin in May.  Officers are eligible for two consecutive terms of office.

Board Officers:  June 1, 2020 — May 31, 2022

President:                                                       Debbie Mayer

1st V.P.                                                              Nancy Parsons

2nd V.P.                                                            Sheryn Blocher

Recording Secretary:

  •  Board Meetings:                              Liz Elliott
  • General Meetings:                            Linda Gottfried

Corresponding Secretary:                            Sherri Pennock

Treasurer:                                                       Jan Stewart

Standing Committee Chairs:

Chaplin:                                                           Anne Burke, Julia Fegley (alternate)

Finance:                                                          Sharon Boettinger

Historian:                                                       TBD

Hospitality:                                                    Margene Kennedy

Membership:                                                  Jane Giles

Parliamentarian:                                           Patty Nalley

Publicity & Web Manager:                          Lisa Elder

Special Committee Chairs:

Arts/Youth Art:                                               Sandy Murray

Domestic Abuse (Weinberg Res.):              Phyllis Peters

Education (HOBY)                                         Stella Breen-Franklin

Holly Ball:                                                       Jan Stewart

The Crier Newsletter:                                    Stacey Johnson